At just 17-years-old, Gabriella Valdes, better known as Vella, is already making waves on the internet and is positioning herself to be a household name. Vella recently went viral on social media and now boasts millions of followers on her social media accounts. Featuring a dynamic voice that can go from a roaring belt to a sweet and soothing falsetto in a matter of seconds, Vella naturally displays the kind of vocal control that is sought after by even the best of singers.

Hailing from Tampa, FL, Vella is all things rock & roll, blues, and soul. She describes herself as the love child of Amy Winehouse and Janis Joplin, and after one listen, it is easy to hear why. Being authentically true to herself, Valdes empowers listeners with her booming vocals and truthful grittiness.

After Vella shared her gift with the world, she was quickly discovered by L3V3L Music and signed a record deal with them. Since then, Vella has continued to blossom into an artist to watch. She has been featured on top-tier media outlets like SweetyHigh, YSBNow, GirlsLife Magazine, and more. In total, her music and covers have been played/streamed nearly 100 million times across platforms.

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