Mama’s Worry

Local musicians Jeff Welter and Mel Wild, having just returned home from living in Austin, Texas, formed Mama’s Worry in the summer of 1978 and their first gig was the River Queen Bar in Mc- Gregor, Iowa (now Josie’s River Queen). Mel says he got the name from a club he played by the same name in Beaumont, Texas. Mama’s Worry played their upper Mississippi River brand of good rockin’ rhythm and blues through out the Midwest, including appearing at the first three Prairie Dog Blues Fests. In 1999, Mama’s Worry released their CD titled, “Good Rockin’ Blues Tonight” featuring all original music by the group. For most of Mama’s Worry’s history the band consisted of all local musicians: Jeff Welter (lead vocals, guitar, harmonica), Mel Wild (lead vocals, lead guitar), Bill Obmascher (bass, vocals), Mike Kricke (drums), and Randy Lucas (sax, vocals). Today, Jeff and Mel continue playing as Mama’s Worry and the other fellas join in occasionally. Joining Jeff and Mel for the Prairie Dog Blues Fest this year will be Richard Palucci (saxophone, keyboard), Kendall Techau (bass, vocals), and Tim Wilson (drums). This year marks the 40th anniversary for Mama’s Worry, and you can still hear their soulful sets as they perform for special events in the area.

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