Samantha Fish

Samantha Fish has been on a roll ever since she teamed up with Cassie Taylor and Dani Wilde on 2011’s release, Girls With Guitars and fueled by the trio’s Blues Caravan tour of Europe and the U.S. Later that same year she recorded her debut album Runaway. The blues and rock press hailed the album as a thrilling opening statement, earning rave reviews and radio airplay, climaxed by her winning the Blues Music Award for “Best New Artist Debut” in 2012. Growing up in a musical family in Kansas City, Missouri, she became obsessed with music in early life, taking up drums before switching to guitar at the age of 15. After launching her recording career in 2009, Samantha Fish quickly established herself as a rising star in the contemporary blues world. Since then, the charismatic young singer-guitarist- songwriter has earned a reputation as a rising guitar hero and powerful live performer, while releasing a series of acclaimed albums that have shown her restless creative spirit consistently taking her in new and exciting musical directions. As far as Samantha Fish is concerned, her musical future is an open road. “I’m never gonna be a traditional blues artist, because that’s not who I am,” she asserts. “But it’s all the blues for me. When Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf came out, what they were doing didn’t sound like anything that had been done in blues before. You’ve gotta keep that kind of fire and spirit. I’m never gonna do Muddy Waters better than Muddy Waters, so I have to be who I am and find my best voice. You should always get outside of the box,” Samantha Fish says while discussing her boundary-breaking new album Belle of the West. “Challenging yourself is how you grow.”

2019 Blues Fest Line-Up

Friday, July 26th

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Friday Beer Tent TBD
Saturday, July 27th
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Saturday Beer Tent TBD

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