Nikki Hill

In 2005, Nikki met her husband Matt Hill and  they both found a young friend in each other who could talk just as much about Lightnin’ Hopkins as they could Bon Scott era AC/DC. Nikki also gained a partner who musically understood and supported her ideas and eventually they founded the Nikki Hill Band with Matt on lead guitar. Nikki’s live shows became quickly known in St. Louis and Chicago for their energy, unique sound and for her charisma, already highly developed from her pentecostal roots and studying the greats.

By the time Hill released “Here’s Nikki Hill” in 2013, and with the rarity of a modern young black rock ‘n roll singer at the helm and the reputation of their energetic live show, the Nikki Hill Band  played over 20 festivals and close to 200 venues, building audiences across the US and Europe. The momentum continued through the release of her second album “Heavy Hearts Hard Fists” in 2015. With fiery soul and heavy R&B with rock n’ roll boogie and tons of attitude to match, the album was received with many accolades from press and fans and kept Hill touring in the US and Europe, playing over 30 festivals a year, including Montreux Jazz Festival, Monterey Jazz Festival, Byron Bay Blues Festival.

Nikki has never been afraid to take the road less traveled, and it’s clear with her new record, “Feline Roots” that she’ll continue her domination of the blues world, 1 gig after another!

2020 Blues Fest Line-Up

Friday, July 24th

5:00pm TBD

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9:00pm TBD

11:00pm TBD

Friday Beer Tent TBD

Saturday, July 25th

12:30pm TBD

2:30pm TBD

4:30pm TBD

6:30pm TBD

8:30pm TBD

10:30pm TBD

Saturday Beer Tent TBD

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