Dana Fuchs

Dana Fuchs life has been laced with triumph and tragedy and her backstory is as compelling as any in rock “n” roll. For this purpose, we will focus on the Triumphs, but to really understand how this artist became what she is today, I would recommend reading the bio on her website. At the age of 19, Dana moved to New York City, her birthplace. One fateful day, she heard a guitar coming from a little club. Jon Diamond a heavyweight session guitarist who could boast credits with Joan Osborne was playing. “I introduced myself to Jon, told him I thought he was great, and that I’d come to New York to be a singer. He invited me up to sing, and I faked Stormy Monday. Afterwards, he said, ‘You have a good instrument, but you really need to learn what you’re doing’.” After Jon exposed her to his blues vinyl collection, Dana’s astonishing natural vocal prowess took on new depth and nuance. Together, Jon and Dana hit the Lower East Side’s live circuit like a wrecking ball, holding their own on bills featuring titans like James Cotton and Taj Mahal. Drawn by the pair’s original songs and incendiary performances, crowds were soon stretching round the block, at hot-spots like The Mercury Lounge & B.B. King’s Blues Club. After being spotted by musicians from Broadway, Dana won the lead in the hit musical “Love, Janis” followed up by the role of Sadie in 2007’s Golden Globe-nominated cult movie, Across The Universe. The demands of stage and screen inevitably impacted the band’s output, but 6 albums later and tours around the world, Dana is going strong and we are happy to have her finally at The Prairie Dog!

2019 Blues Fest Line-Up

Friday, July 26th

5:00pm TBD
7:00pm TBD
9:00pm TBD
11:00pm TBD
Friday Beer Tent TBD
Saturday, July 27th
12:30pm TBD
2:30pm TBD
4:30pm TBD
6:30pm TBD
8:30pm TBD
10:30pm TBD
Saturday Beer Tent TBD

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Dana Fuchs

A part of the great variety of blues music you will hear at the Prairie Dog Blues Festival.
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